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When a person dies (decedent) with an estate plan that includes a trust, the estate may not have to be probated. Generally, an effective estate plan will have a living trust and proper funding so that the beneficiaries of the estate will not be required to file probate. The administration of a trust estate is much like the probate process minus the involvement of the court and the required filing fees. The named successor trustee will administer the estate. Our firm assists the successor trustee in the settlement of the estate. This settlement may include the process of gathering assets, paying debts, notifying heirs and creditors, filing and paying taxes, selling estate assets, preparing and providing accountings, and distributing property to the beneficiaries.


Our trust administration services include the following

  • Certificate of Trust naming the successor trustee

  • Affidavits for collection of personal property

  • Estate valuation and collection of benefits

  • Trust asset transfers

  • Trust accounting

  • Real estate transfers

  • Disclaimers 

  • Collection of retirement benefits

  • Receipt and release forms from trust beneficiaries

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